Thank you for clicking into this page to know more about me!

Here is a backstory of how I started making candles :) My dad loves candles but he always buy cheap candles that makes my mum super allergic to. So I started to make my own candles using non-toxic soy wax and high quality fragrance oil sourced from Australia. My mum wasn't allergic to my candles!! My dad is now super happy because he has a constant supply of candles. I wanted more people to use my handmade candles so I started Komi Candle! 

Then I wanted Komi Candle to not only sell candles but also quirky homeware and vintage goods that I sourced. That is why I named this website Komi Store :) Hope I can expand Komi Store gradually and be the girl boss I always wanted to be. 

Thanks for reading and have fun browsing Komi Store!

P.S If you are wondering what Komi means, Komi stands for fragrance in Japanese.